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Tip of the Iceberg

In the past two decade, there has been a growing body of research and evidence demonstrating the presence of psychopathic personality in high functioning populations. The emergence of ‘corporate psychopathy’ has been largely influence by the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, along with additional events such as the decline of Enron and the multi-billion-dollar Ponzi Scheme by Bernie Madoff.  Psychopathy, along with other problematic personalities in the workplace have been associated with unethical behavior, bullying, destructive leadership, large-scale Ponzi schemes, insider trading, mortgage fraud, internet fraud, embezzlement, and intimidation and violence. These events served as a catalyst for investigations, highly public cases of corporate crime, and the broader examination of those tasked with making decision about the direction of a given company. This has highlighted the significance of organisational recruitment practices, along with need for sound human resource management and the use of threat and risk screening

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