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How Not to Hire a Psychopath bring together expertise in forensic psychology, human resources, threat assessment, and organizational practices, to the prevention and management of personnel issues and workplace problems. Together, Nathan and Melissa, aim to help organizations thrive by providing strategies and processes pertinent to recruitment, staff engagement, resolution management, and workplace safety and culture.


Too often businesses are confronted with the daily tasks and challenges of operation, leading many trapped in a pattern of survival and reactivity. For a variety of reasons, focus shifts and priorities change, resulting in gaps and disconnects within an organization. Many businesses are great at what they do - but their success is only as strong as their personnel and culture.   


To compete with the dynamic marketplace, organizations are required to constantly evolve and change. Change can bring progression and at the same time create problems and challenges. Bigger businesses need better systems and greater staffing requires greater processes. It is easy for organizations to become victims of their success and with growth and expansion personnel recruitment and management becomes fundamental.


Through their shared expertise Nathan and Melissa strive to help business stay ahead of the game and prevent personnel issues and workplace problems. The solution is to keep the wrong people out of the organization and let the right people through the doors. This requires strategic and structured recruitment processes, and clear and consistent organizational aims and objectives. Alongside this, many businesses have existing personnel challenges. How Not to Hire a Psychopath works with business to develop plans and management approaches to deal with these problematic people. Moreover, in some situations, a threat assessment of the potential risks and threats to the organization is also required.  

Our Team.

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